Spinal Reconstruction

Spine reconstruction surgery is an advanced and specialized type of surgery to treat disorders and conditions related to spinal column & cord.
As this is specialized surgery; it is performed only by trained and experienced surgeons bearing comprehensive knowledge of the spine conditions and treatment.
Over the years, with the advancement in technology, spine reconstruction surgery has evolved and is currently performed with the latest and modern methods involving high-end technology. An X-ray or CT scan may be useful to detect the source and severity of the disorder.

Who Needs Spine Reconstruction Surgery?

Spine reconstruction surgery is recommended after the conservative treatment measures fail to show desired results.
The following reason may need spinal reconstruction surgery -
  • Patients suffering from significant misalignment or deformity of the spine often require complex spine reconstruction surgery.
  • Injury or trauma can be one of the indications of spine reconstruction surgery.
  • Sometimes when conservative treatment fails to treat the spinal infection, doctors recommend undergoing surgery.
  • Scoliosis congenital anomalies, the appearance of metastatic or primary tumors, vascular malformation or axial skeleton pain, may demand spinal reconstruction surgery.
  • abnormal curvature and stabilizing the newly shaped spine with rods and pins and fusion of vertebrae.
  • Underwent treatment options like physical therapy, bracing, etc. without success.
  • Analysis asks for surgery across more than three spinal segments.

Spinal Reconstruction Surgery

Spinal Reconstruction compromises of more than one level of spine & helps correct significant spinal deformations, supports a new shaped spine with the aid of rods and pins, and combines the vertebrae.
If an entire vertebrae segment is diseased, then the complete vertebrae is removed and replaced with an artificial device.
Depending on the severity of spine deformity, spine surgeons use a variety of surgical techniques during spinal reconstruction surgery, like Minimally invasive surgery, artificial disc replacement, stereotactic spine radiosurgery, spinal fusion, and other operational methods may be performed.
A majority of the time, spine reconstruction involves spinal fusion surgical procedures. The spinal fusion procedure consists of removing the disc between two affected vertebrates & binding the vertebrae together. Fusing vertebrae eliminates the motion and lessen the pain.

Recovery Time from Reconstructive Spine Surgery

Recovery time varies from individual to individual. The duration of recovery depends on the severity of the surgery & the general health of the patient. Some procedures may demand a few days stay in the hospital. One should follow the brief instructions given by the surgeon & undergo physical and occupational therapy for daily living activities improvement.
Patients usually observe some pain following the surgery and while recovering. The pain will recede within just a few months.

Is a Spinal Reconstruction Surgery right for me?

Only your doctor can advise you if you should undergo Spinal Reconstruction Surgery or not. Spine surgeon may make an analysis based on the age factor, overall health, other disorder, and severity of the spinal condition, to conclude whether spinal reconstruction surgery is right for you or not.